Question: Financial aid for low-income student to join ski club?

Our PTO has been approached by a school district social worker who wants to know if we could possibly support a low-income student who would like to join our school's ski club. She asked if we could give the student a scholarship to help cover the costs of the club, i.e. lift tickets and equipment rental. We would love to help out if we can, but I am not sure how to go about it. Could we set up a scholarship? If so, how? Do anyone have experience with establishing assistance funds for extracurricular activities like this?

Asked by rjmahoney



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi rjmahoney,
What we often hear about are individual situations such as this one coming up from time to time for a PTO or PTA. Usually the principal is involved and he or she, along with a staff member, like the social worker you mentioned, has an idea of this student's personal situation. It is usually best to work with them so the funds can discretely be given to the student. Having said that, participation in the Ski Club may be a little pricey and may require a discrete vote by the group, depending on the amount. This can be done without sharing the name of the student.

Good luck with this!


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