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We use Quicken 2014 and of course have it broken down by categories to be able to pull from when doing our Treasurers report. Here is the problem. For Teacher appreciation we used some bags from our Spirit wear. So on the treasurers repot I put $63.00 as an expense under Teacher appreciation and $63.00 as an income in Spirit wear. But when you run a report by categories those 2 categories of course don't match. Please help with what I need to do? Do I not account for it all all since money did not pass through any hands?

Asked by tonisee



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mum24kids writes:
You did what I would have suggested you do. What do you mean when you say the categories don't match? Don't match to what?

Community Advice

tonisee writes:
When you run a report in quicken it does not show the same total under Spirit income and teacher appreciation expense because that $63.00 technically did not switch hands to be put as a transaction in quicken but I added it to my treasurers report. So the quicken report totals don't match my treasurers report total.

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