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We have 2 people who have been Pro officer for much longer than two years and when the election was held yesterday they each voted for each other but several others voted for the other person listed on each of those positions, then before anyone e who could say anything the teacher rep, who is no longer the rep as of this year, announces it's OK to have more than one serve as the same. Everyone was upset about the comment/decision that many now do not want to be apart of the pto. Several have informed me that those 2 have done nothing for years and don't want them as an official (one as VP and the other as secretary). I asked for the bylaws to be given to me but apparently the laptop that had all PTO items was stolen from someone's house. Now, the principal and superintendent were at meeting and both said they have never had/heard of 2 in same position. Please help me.

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Rose H writes:
Hi there,

There are a few different things here.

1. We don't believe a teacher rep, or any group member for that matter, can make a statement about what would be ok or not and just have it stand as how things are going to be. So, right off the bat, that just shouldn't count.

2. It is unusual for more than one person to hold a position, unless there is a decision ahead of time for job sharing and everyone agrees that will work. This wasn't the case at all here.

3. The laptop may have been stolen, but it is doubtful that this is the only place where the bylaws existed. The should be posted on the your group's website (or, if you don't have a website on the school's website.). Or, chances are the principal has a copy.

4.When you have the bylaws, you can review and you will likely find language about term limits in there that would help correct this situation.

5. If you can't find the bylaws, it would make sense to at this point (perhaps with the principal's help) say that this election went off the rails and you think the group needs to reconvene and consider redoing this process.

Sorry you find yourself in this situation. Hope this is helpful and let us know if you have additional questions.


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