Question: impeaching the president

What is the proper way to kick out the current president and co president? Everyone else on the board has resigned because they are too confrontational and at the last meeting only two parents showed up. They are running this program into the ground. How can we stop it?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
If nobody's attending meetings, there's probably not much you can do until elections. Check out your bylaws to see if they spell out a procedure for removing an officer. If not, Robert's Rules indicates you have to hold a "trial," which is an involved process. Your best bet, unfortunately, may be to struggle through as best you can for now and pack the room on election night to make sure you get better leaders next time around.

Community Advice

jenilou28 writes:
Gather all the PTO members in good standing that you can, reer to your bylaws, and VOTE!

Community Advice

wkiwaha808 writes:
In our PTO, an officer may be removed from office for "maladministration or any other act not befitting an officer" according to the bylaws. It is quite a lengthy process that involves receiving a formal complaint or accusation of misconduct; establishing a Judiciary Committee; holding interviews with all parties involving; determining guilt on the part of the officer(s) accused; compiling an official report; counseling the officer(s) and building reconciliation between involved parties; and, if all efforts are exhausted with no positive resolution, then the committee makes a motion to the membership for removal which would require a two-thirds vote of those present. It is set up this way so that all parties are given the opportunity to provide testimony, and that the removal is justified by evidence of actual misconduct and not because of some form of personal vendetta.

I encourage you, and any other group that may find themselves in this situation, to look at the bylaws, and if there are no rules regarding removal of officers, set them up immediately.

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