Question: Volunteer Incentives

We would like to do some kind of incentive for our parent volunteers. We discussed giving "PTO Bucks" after a certain amount of times they volunteer but we are unsure how we can keep track of those hours. Anyone have good suggestions for this idea or other ideas that have worked well for volunteer incentives? Thanks!

Asked by Tbeards



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Tbeards!
One very simple option is to go with some kind of a PTO passport approach -- You could create a calendar-type of document and stamp it for volunteer participation -- meeting attendance, working at an event, etc. Then the volunteer can turn in the passport for some kind of incentive.

Not sure what your other needs may be, but if you are interested in a more reliable way to track volunteers and volunteer hours, we have a software program, Volunteer Manager, that offers a really comprehensive approach to volunteer tracking and sign ups. Here's the link for that:

Good luck!

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