Question: Fundraiser - Using more than one vendor

Is it ok to use more than one vendor during a fundraise

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Rose H writes:
Good morning!
What kind of fundraiser are you doing?

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252328cheek writes:
We are going to sell spirit coffee and brax cups with it. Is it ok to use 2 different companies?

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teachme writes:
One of the best ways to manage a fundraiser is with We have used this program for years and strongly recommend their product. They have a free trial anyone can take a test drive before they decide!

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clayboggess writes:
Many sponsors feel that more is better. And in some cases it is. For example, a large seasonal shopper that offers a large variety can potentially appeal to more customers. Many groups can spice it up even further by adding what’s called a ‘tag’ brochure to supplement the main brochure. For example, a cookie dough brochure.

However, when you’re talking about using multiple vendors, that’s when things can get a little tricky. Not only are you introducing multiple brochures, but different order forms as well. This can make things confusing for your participants.

Imagine the problems you’ll have if an order is accidentally placed on the wrong order form. Now, multiply that by numerous products and several participants. You may end up having an order nightmare on your hands. If you’re looking for school fundraisers, we feel it’s best to find a single company to work with.

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