Question: Has any one done the Display my art fundraiser?

I was wondering how well it worked and any other info you could tell me would be great. We are thinking of doing this for our spring fundraiser but hadnt heard of it before and just wondered. Thanks :-}

Asked by Stephi



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Stephi -- Check out the message boards. Someone just had a comment about Display My Art that you might find helpful.

Community Advice

sarasma teri writes:
Hi our school has run display my art for the last three years. We are a small school and have had success with this fundraiser. Our school only has about 175 kids and we made about $1000. We chose the 30% profit. Parents like the fundraiser. Our art teacher has helped us to get the artwork completed. I loved it so much I joined the Display My Art team.

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