Question: PTA to PTO. Our school is being Demolished.

We know we need to dissolve the PTA because our name is changing for tax purposes. Do we follow the same guidelines in our bylaws, have the meeting with state, vote 2/3 of all members, blah blah, for dissolution?

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Advice from PTO Today

lharac writes:
Hi, there! You are right that dissolving your current PTA group should be done following your current PTA bylaws. You should also check the state PTA bylaws as there may be a couple of additional steps, such as notifying the state organization of the dissolution by certified mail. You might find the article "Switching From PTA to PTO" helpful -- it goes into more detail about how to take steps to dissolve the PTA in an up-front manner, as well as how to start getting the new PTO group organized at the same time. -- Lani @ PTO Today

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