Question: Looking for schools in Hillsborough County, FL that have switched from PTA to PTO

We're pretty sure that switching from PTA to PTO would be the best thing for our school, but before we do, our current board (myself included) would like to chat with a couple of schools that have switched in the past few years, specifically in our county. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback from schools in Hillsborough County who have made the switch or even the name of any schools that may have switched from PTA to PTO. Thanks.

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Rockne writes:
Hi Woubie - When you get to that level of specificity, you're likely better off networking on your own locally than here on the national site. You might try looking up the PTOs and PTAs on the Hillsborough schools site and seeing if you can make some connections there. I think you'd have more local luck that way. Tim

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woubie writes:
Good idea, Tim, I'll try that. Thanks.

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rjkgt writes:
I was past PTA president at a Hillborough County School and we went from PTA to PTO and we ended up switching back because we were told we would be charged to use the school facilties for our functions. I wish you luck in your endevour but back when we atttempted it alot of the school board members had started their political careers in county council PTA. They can't tell you can't do it but they can make it more difficult for you:(

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momof343 writes:
PTO's are not allowed in Hillsborough County Schools per the school district. PTA's are great try contacting your PTA council for advice.

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