Question: PTO/PTA funds used for teachers health problems

Our PTO/PTA has voted to give $500 gift card to a teacher with health problems and $400 to a staff member who suffered a death in the family... what are the rules on this kind of thing?

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Advice from PTO Today

egraham writes:
While it's very generous to make these gifts to staff members, there are some potential pitfalls. Some parents may not like the fact that the money is benefitting a few individuals rather than the entire school. And once you make gifts like these, you'll be expected to do it again in the future.

One way groups avoid those issues is to take up cash collections rather than give funds from the parent group budget. Some groups have also organized meal deliveries (in case of illness) and donation of household goods (especially after flooding or household fires) to help families who find themselves in need.

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