Question: Band Boosters Obligated to Show Financial Records to Members

I have been in the band boosters club for three years and their treasurer report doesn't and hasn't add up. I have asked to see the financial records and have been refused and given the reason, "there is personal information on them". I want to see receipts and expenses from a trip we took to Disney where there was close to $16,000 additional dollars spent. Also, is it reasonable for a Band Booster club to pay for their "board" members to go to Disney, National Baseball Games, etc. where the band is competing/marching? We are talking like 14 board members at $1100 each for Disney. National Baseball Games are generally $22 and there could be 5 to 10 band staff.

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Rose H writes:
Hi there,
This depends a bit in how the booster club was set up. It seems pretty unreasonable that club funds should pay for adults and board members to take these kinds of trips, but I don't know what the group's bylaws state. As far as financial information goes, the group should make basic financial information available. There's no need to show "personal" information -- it can still show you what's come in and what'd gone out.

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