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Question: PTO and students

We are working on student reps boy and girl from each grade to be part of the PTO. Has anyone done this and if so, did they run into issues?

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Liz L writes:
I took a look in our PTO and PTA Leaders Facebook group, and none of the leaders who posted there reported having a downside to having student reps. Some comments include:

- They let us know how they liked activities, what went well and didn't from a student perspective, and make announcements in the morning for upcoming events. We are a k-5 school.

- They are part of our exec board and student council. We try to have 2 so that at least one is at our meetings and student council. They act as a liason between the 2. They reporr to us on what student council is doing and report to student council on PTSA is doing.

And from our perspective, we recommend doing this if you can! It's a great way to involve kids and, frankly, parents may be more willing to attend meetings if the students are represented in this way.

Good luck! Liz from PTO Today

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