Question: Non-Responsive Board Members

I'm an incoming president and have a new board. My VP is not happy that she isn't president and she doesn't respond to my emails. I don't want to go through the whole next year with this lack of support or interest on her part. Has anyone else had to deal with this type of issue? How did you handle it?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Your VP has hurt feelings right now. The good news is you have the summer ahead of you to help resolve this. Continue to reach out to her and ask to meet for breakfast or lunch so you two can talk. Reach out to her and let her know you are a team. Are there any specific responsibilities you can give her so she is able to truly contribute? Ask her how she feels, what her ideas are for the group and approach her like a partner. It may take her time to come around.

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sarahpumpkin writes:
Hi, thanks for the response! Yes, she is also in charge of Spirit Wear (her choice) and I've asked for her opinion on numerous things regarding that (and other things) with zero response. I also sent an email saying exactly what you did about the partnership and how she was feeling but at this point I can't hold her hand. We're all adults and this PTA was not left in good shape so I have many things I need to concentrate on and can't spend much more energy on trying to get her to be friendly.

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newpres33 writes:
Good luck, i'm also in a similar situation with my VP. Have you called her? If she continues to be non responsive , as president you might have to make those decisions

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annetteswitzer writes:
Thats a tough position to be in. As PTO/PTA board members and parents, you are not required to be friends. You are there to do a job representing parents and helping your school. It always helps to be able to get along. But, if an officer has hurt feelings and is letting it get in the way of her job, politely send emails about her job, give her a call and also send copies of your emails to your secretary on the board and to the school admin. They need to know about the situation and have it on record. If the officer isn't willing to cooperate or do their job because of hurt feelings, a motion may need to be made to remove the officer from the position. Don't make a personal decision to remove the officer, especially if she was elected to that position. It should be done as a vote at a meeting and a new position opened up for a vote.

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