Question: Help losing 3/4 of our board!

Hi we are losing all of our board next year but two people. The reasons range from not feeling appreciated by the teachers, too much involvement of the principles, not enough involvement from teachers, always the same few board members stepping up (burn out) and too much drama. My biggest is the principles being involved in every aspect but then not supporting us with the teachers. I feel if they supported us to the teacher it might solve several issues. Any ideas?

Asked by NikkiG



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
This seems like a good opportunity to talk with the principal, if you haven't already. Communicate that valuable board members are leaving because they are unhappy. Be concrete with him about what you would like, ie, When you do this, it makes board members feel x. Tell him where you would like him to step back and where you would like him to step up.

If you do this in a businesslike, problem-solving and unemotional way (ie, you don't want to sound accusatory, but rather like you're trying to improve a business situation that will benefit both of you), you might create a better situation.

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