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Hello, I am new to the PTO world! If my son's school goes with a candle fundraiser, how would we properly divide the candles when they come in? Is there a list that we go by? Thanks

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Rose H writes:
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This is a great question to ask on our PTO and PTA Leaders & Volunteers group on Facebook. You'll get feedback from fellow volunteers. Here's the link:

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clayboggess writes:
Most fundraising product suppliers prepack orders by seller. On the outside of each box should be the student & teacher’s name along with the grade level and/or room number. Inside the box, along with the merchandise should be a packing slip showing the list of items, item numbers and descriptions that were sold by that particular student. With this scenario, you only pay for what you've ordered.

Also, a copy of the student’s order form should be attached to the packing slip. This way, the student will know who ordered what for proper distribution.

On the other hand, some candle fundraiser companies don’t offer a prepack service and only pack by item type or candle scent. If this is the case, you should have a record of your student’s orders on a tally sheet.

Still other suppliers will only send ‘complete cases’ requiring you to order in set number increments. For example, all vanilla candles come in cases of 12. If you happen to order 58 of that scent, then you’ll need to accept the additional 2 and pay for them as well.

This will take some advanced planning on your part. Setting up tables organized by scents and then obtaining enough boxes for each seller and then manually picking and packing based on what’s on each student’s order form as they go through the line is the best way to go. Here is a candle fundraising idea that offers a prepack service, thus making your delivery go much smoother.

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