Question: Can the principal and Super override the executive board?

We had a school close and one grade went to one bldg and the other grade stayed put. The previous board didn't divide the funds correctly, so we went back in the books to find out what their half was at the end of the school year and voted and approved to send the remaining unsent funds to the grade that left. Both the principal and the Super have prevented us from doing this and are attempting to override an executive board approved decision. Is this possible?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
We can't be sure here. It depends on how your group is set up and the reasons stated by the school administration as to why the funds can't be moved. Having said that, if your group voted to move those funds to the to the grade that went to a new building, it should be honored unless there are other circumstances, like the ones mentioned. Rose

Community Advice

mlgilboy writes:
Nope, no extenuation circumstances. No real good reason given other than they want other things handled first, they feel this is not a priority and should be brought to a general meeting rather than us handling what has already been voted on and approved.

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