Question: pastor wants to decide disbursement of ptg funds

We are a parroquial school. Our ptg has been through disorganization and our last president resigned. I am the new ptg president of our group but I am running into a problem where the pastor of the school has refused to provide accounting paperwork for the seperate ptg bank account to the school principal and now he is refusing to provide the account information to the ptg president. He also wants to disburse funds without any involvement from the ptg or the principal. The onsite accountant told me she doesn't have to provide copies to the ptg president because the paperwork belongs to the school not ptg but has also refused to provide copies to the principal

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CherylB writes:
Hi, When you are anything other than a PTA you are an independent group and are governed by your bylaws. Your group should have their own bank account and have one, no more than two treasurers. Everything should be transparent, you should ask why the pastor is not complying when the bank account belongs to the PTG. Best of luck Cheryl PTO Today

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