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"We have a situation, where our PTO ran like a family for years. They held no elections and the Bylaws were not revised or reviewed for 13 years. Last year, a new Board revised the Bylaws. The nominating and election process is specific and clear. The terms of office are specific and clear. Yet, we have a person who has held the same seat for six years. Our Bylaws indicate a two-year maximum, unless no replacement can be found. This year, a parent has self-nominated for that post. There are members of the Board who say that because we revised our Bylaws, the person who currently holds the seat may remain on the ballot. Others feel that she has been there over the term limit and must yield to the nominee. This has become divisive. The nominating committee is not being permitted to decide. The principal has contacted our deputy superintendent for intervention and the committee has been told that they will decide how the ballot and election should proceed. What are your thoughts?"

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CherylB writes:
Hi, Your bylaws do rule, they are set up for a reason and must be followed. Best of luck tough situation Cheryl PTO Today

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