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Our Vice President has not attended meetings for about 3 months, has not participated in the past 2 events, and doesn't return phone calls/texts/e-mails. I am assuming she is no longer interested in performing her duties.. Our current secretary has pretty much been performing the VP responsibilities. There is nothing in our By-Laws (which were written before I became President) about replacing the VP. I need some input on whether or not I should bring up at a meeting to "promote" our Secretary to VP and then have a nomination/election for the Secretary position or should we have an election for both positions since our Secretary would run for VP then we would have to replace the secretary position... We hardly have any volunteer participation as it is and I do not know of anyone to take either position. I hate to leave the position "vacant" for the remainder of the school year. It is unfair to the students and the few of us who work so hard to make the PTO a success... Thank you for an input!

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
This advice isn't exactly by the book (at least Robert's Rules), but if you're confident that person has essentially dropped out, I would recommend sending her a communication that says as much and requires her to contact you by a certain date if she still wishes to participate.

Don't do it in a cold way -- after all, she might at some point in the future be willing to at least lend some volunteering help. Just explain that you would like to fill the position if she's no longer able to continue.

If you don't hear from her, and even if you do, you'll have your answer.

Community Advice

kkwilkinson0608 writes:
I think that Craig is right. Her actions are showing that she really is no longer interested, and maybe she is ashamed or embarrassed that she hasn't followed through on her duties and that is why she has been MIA. Obviously she has a child at the school. I would check with the principal to make sure all is well at home, because that could be it too. If there is let her know you are all there for her. If she is just hanging you guys out to dry then yes, I would contact her two different ways and just say that you are checking on her. You want to make sure everything is okay since she hasnt been around. If she isnt interested anymore than it is ok but it would be great to know. On such and such a date at your meeting you are going to have a re-election if you don't hear from her because you really need a VP. Good Luck. Being the president is not easy, but you were elected for a reason!

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