Question: Is it okay for a child of a pto board member to try and win prizes offered in fundraisers?

Is it proper for a child of a board member to be eligible to win prizes that are offered for top sales in a fundraising event? Or should this child have no chance to win prizes offered?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I think it's fine as long as the board members' children don't have a built in advantage. For example, if you set up a table at the school basketball game to sell fundraising candy and PTO leaders' children do the selling, that's an unfair advantage. All things being equal, though, I think it's fine for all kids to compete for prizes. But I do know that for appearance sake, some PTO leaders don't let their children compete for prizes. The bottom line is you should weigh whether or not having leaders' children win will affect the PTO in a negative way.

Community Advice writes:
yes , I believe it is ok -as long as there are no "special advantages." The program is for all the kids. Also, an ethical offical would not let this happen-their child or not. Remember its about "our children" sometimes, we, as adluts have to -how do they say it "remain silient." Now if you feel that there is something fishy going on-use the chain of command.

Community Advice

hisgirl81 writes:
Yes I think every child should be able to win prizes for any kind of event. If the child is winning the prize on their own with out the parents, help then they won the prize fairly.

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