Question: Can I use PTA funds for the PTO?

Our school had a PTA established for several years with very little participation (including lack of a paper trail). Due to several reasons, our PTA is not in good standing with the State and we do not have non-profit status. Our current group of 4-5 volunteers are planning to restart as a PTO. There are currently no active PTA members and we are not advertising new membership. (We did pay dues to the state PTA last year for the few members that we had). We have no idea where to find the PTA bylaws. The old PTA also has some funds left in the bank account. Can they be transferred to the new PTO account without any issue? Or should we use those funds throughout the year as an 'inactive PTA' until they are dissolved? Then notify our state of intent to dissolve? We're afraid if we notify the state first without transferring the funds, they make take possession of them.

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CherylB writes:
They cannot take your funds, they may threaten to take them. You are correct you should spend the funds down. You can take a look at this article Best of luck cheryl

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