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My sister resigned as treasurer over a year ago. Recently she told me about when a PTA mom asked her to sign a check because although she had gone to the bank to have her name removed from the account. Apparently when this mom had asked her name was still on the account and the mom felt it was still okay. She refused to sign. I feel there are legal issues, we were told as long as her name was on the account it should have been okay. I want to know what are the rules to them asking

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Liz L writes:
Hi - I'm not entirely clear on whether your sister did attempt to have her name removed and there was a mix-up and her name is still on the account although it clearly shouldn't be? If this is the case, I think that even if it would have been technically "legal" for your sister to sign the check since her name was still on the account, she did the right thing by refusing as she isn't the treasurer and thus shouldn't be doing any PTO work/transactions that the actual (current) treasurer is now responsible for. Hope this helps. Liz from PTO Today

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