Question: President acting as Treasurer

We currently have a president who is also serving as our treasurer (even though we have a voted member that is our treasurer). Its "turnover" time and we are concerned that she won't turn over the information (Checkbooks, financial records, bank statements, etc). What action would be best taken in this situation.

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Rose H writes:
A little confused -- You have a treasurer, but president is acting as treasurer? What is the treasurer doing? It almost sounds like you are thinking something isn't right...or is there another reason to anticipate this president won't turn over information? Assuming the treasurer's name is on the bank account, then the treasurer should have access to bank account records and be able to provide them to you.

So, best bet is to start just by making a straightforward request for financial information to the board. See what's delivered, and, if no information is forthcoming, make a direct request to the treasurer.

Good luck with this and please stay in touch to let us know what's happening. We'd be happy to offer more suggestions as this unfolds.

Rose C.

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