Question: Can someone borrow your Gaming license?

Hi, Our school is PreK - 8th grade and we have one PTO that fundraises and supports the entire school, all the students of the school as well as the faculty, etc. The 8th grade parents form a committee each year (separate from the PTO, however, some parents may be paid members of the PTO) for graduation fundraising. They pressure the PTO each year to "borrow" our gaming license to do a Tricky Tray. Last years committee accepted the response of, it's illegal. And found another way. This year, that's not the case, and if there is a way to do this legally, we are happy to help the 8th grade. I just don't know how, in NJ we are required to set up a separate bank account for just gaming profits and we are required to list what we are fundraising for and show that the money was spent for that purpose. I am going to call the NJ Commission tomorrow and confirm. I wondering if any other PTO/PTA has ever had a request like this? Thank you.

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Liz L writes:
Since you're wanting to know whether other parent groups have had this kind of experience, I'd recommend you take this question to our closed group for parent group leaders:

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