Question: Proper place to count fundraising money

Where is the appropiate place to count funds collected from a fundraiser, and should there be a 3rd party to witness? Recently our PTO president and VP counted our recent fundraiser funds at the VP's house, and both resigned 2 days later, staying on till end of month. The Pres and VP positions were the only positions filled. The school offered their facilities to count the funds. There, we of couse have 2 principles, and a PTO Liason. This does not seem appropiate to me or several others. There is no suspicion however, of misapropiation of monies, just an ethical question.

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Community Advice

Mrs. K writes:
our rule is always count all money on school property with a couple people..

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I agree with Mrs. K (below). Money should be counted at the school, and you should always have more than one person present. Officers should never take PTO cash home. The article  Handling Cash: 6 Simple Steps has more advice.

Community Advice

traceym writes:
You should have the treasurer and at least one another officer present. Do not count money at the fundraiseror event itself, but wait until it is over. Better to do it at the school or even your PTO bank.

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