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Went to my son meet the teacher having been told the pto would have a table set up only to find out they didn't. Was asking about it .. They have no bylaws no nothing its 2 teachers asked what the fundraising money if for they told me to give the teachers special lunches though out the year... that's it!! We live in a very poor community and feel much more could be done for the school and students. They told me they might have a meeting in a few months but have no plans but a spring did at again to raise money for special lunches and didn't care I wanted to know and do more. Do I have any options?

Asked by Chrisawn



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Liz L writes:
Hi Chrisawn, this is hard to comment on without having more information. What is it you are looking for options on - how to become more involved? Or how to spend fundraising money?
-Liz from PTO Today

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