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We are tring to go paperless this year. We have over 100 email addresses but close to 300 families in our school so not everyone has given us there information. We've sent 2 reminders home letting them know we don't want to shut anyone out and if they don't have access to email to note that on the form and we'll send paper copies home. For anything requiring an RSVP or is a big school event (ie father/daughter dance) we will still send home a flyer but what about the rest of the time? Now what? What do we do if people didn't give their information or indicate that they wanted stuff sent home with their child? We do have a facebook page and a webpage that's updated so there are other ways to get info.

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Rose H writes:
It sounds like you are doing a great job and honestly, to have 100 emails already is a pretty decent response! So, don't beat yourself up. This is a big transition. It may take a little while and you may have a bump or two in the road. One thing you could try is to ask the principal to include a note in some of his/her correspondence to families saying the PTO is trying to go paperless and could families provide an email address? The school could even send out its own note that includes a PTO email signup that can be returned to school. The school could also put a notice on the home page of its website. In the meantime, you can continue to put reminders on the PTO web site.

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Good luck!

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rituj writes:
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