Question: Quarterly meetings required?

Due to Covid’s limitations on our events- our PTO does not have an abundance of information that needs to be put out at a quarterly meeting. Our information is communicated thoroughly through our publications. Is it required to have a quarterly meeting? We have done the first 2 quarterly mtgs virtually, but it seems like a waste of time. Thanks We do not have anything to vote on.

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Darnmel writes:
We are a high school and only have two meetings a year. Fall votes on budget. Spring votes on next year's board. It's in our bylaws. That is really your only binding issue for pto, what your bylaws say.

Community Advice

holligarver writes:
Your bylaws dictate how often you can meet. You can typically amend the bylaws if a majority agree in writing without a meeting. You can also offer zoom. If your bylaws don't address the meeting media, you can again amend them to state any kind of meeting is okay as long as all parties can hear.

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