Question: What to do about meeting times? Disagreements with teachers

We hold all of our general meetings at 6pm on friday nights, per bylaws. The teachers have made it very well known that they DO NOT want to have to come back to work on a friday night, and are pushing for meetings at 3:30p. We've tried to come up with a compromise (and this is new, since our old president wouldn't compromise on meeting times AT ALL) and it was met with disdain and further push for the 3:30p meeting time. 4 out of our 5 executive board officers work until 5pm every weekday, and therefore, if meeting times change, will be unable to attend. What to do?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'd stick with the meeting time that works best for parents and board members. In your current situation, I don't see how you could change. You might consider holding an informational meeting for teachers once a month, chaired by the board member who is able to attend, if you feel that's needed. Otherwise, you might concentrate on ways to facilitate communication with teachers in other ways that meeting attendance.

Community Advice

UPI elem. writes:
I find it very nessasary to have at least 2 teachers on the PTO board as teacher reps. so that this way they can relay any concerns to the board and vice versa. It can be a very helpful tool. I also think that each grade level should have a rep. attend a PTO meeting each month, if they care what goes on in the school and might benifit them(teachers) as well as the students. REMEMBER IT'S A PTO (PARENT/TEACHER ORGANIZATION) it's for everyone.

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