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Silent Auction - Online Tickt sales Site? And Game
We run a silent auction every year that includes 5 amazing raffle baskets, and a live auction. Looking...
Asked by Lpesce in Fundraising

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Procurement Policy
Does anyone have a procurement policy? Something that says $ limits to purchases and what needs a vote...
Asked by jenniferhetling in Finance & Budget

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Are there any rules on who can be a member of the PTO
Does a PTO member have to be a parent or teacher? For example, can a neighbor down the street volunteer...
Asked by chollapto in Elections & Transition

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What are the best teacher tools?
I'm looking for best teacher tool. Anyone have any idea?
Asked by goargede in Teachers

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Teachers Wish List
Is there something out there kind of like the but for the teachers wish list for room...
Asked by ptomomof2 in Teachers

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Hi there. We currently have a booster club and PTA at our school. We are looking to combine into one...
Asked by Fairburn15 in Nonprofit Status & Organization

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So we recently started a new school year and we have a budget in place for the teachers/principal. My...
Asked by Anonymous in The Principal

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How important are the bylaws
Should the bylaws be followed by or are the rules put down just there and then pushed a side like they...
Asked by Anonymous in Bylaws

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was I wrong? About bank accounts
Was asked sign up for a banking account as I am new to this . I then replied that I have seen nothing...
Asked by Anonymous in Finance & Budget

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Mile/Mileage Club
Hi, We have just switched for PTA to PTO and we used to participate in the 100 mile club. We want to...
Asked by 1luckymama22 in Events, Programs, & Activities