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PTO Bulletin Boards

16 years 8 months ago #137847 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: PTO Bulletin Boards
very fun board Debbie--way to go. We have a teacher who is not currently teaching doing our board and her's are phenominal as well. She did fish that she dressed up in
3D representing all the front office folks and little jelly fish all over. We're starting our push for adoptioins our classrooms now so who knows what will be next...
b--I am praying for you kiddo--but where God may not be able to help out--Robert's Rules are a good second (at least in the PTO business :)).!!!! Let us know how it goes!
16 years 8 months ago #137837 by Debbieomi
Replied by Debbieomi on topic RE: PTO Bulletin Boards
Here are two shots of my puzzle theme bulletin board for this year. Sorry about the flash, I should have stood off to the side a bit. :) In the second shot, the board to the side is my Cash for Trash graph, not a part of the puzzle board. All the puzzle pieces surrounding the board have the names of volunteers as they fulfill their three hour Three for Me promise.
16 years 8 months ago #137774 by PTOCES
Replied by PTOCES on topic RE: PTO Bulletin Boards
Thanks for all the "props" to our website. It consumes me most of the time...but hey, it's now a great way to get rid of some stress. I totally enjoy it!!
d- you are so right - you have got me thru ALOT!!! Here's a "sniff sniff" for you too - I don't know if I could have done some of the things I have without your wisdom and great advice!! You have helped me more than you will know! (PTO meeting this week - pray for me!) You have seen that site crash and me have to rebuild the entire thing. Thanks for your support. I wish I was as PTO knowledgable as you. You are a great support to everyone on here. ( Along with everyone else - Shawn - you too!! and CC!)
Visit our site often - you never know what it will be like.

As far as being politically correct - well - it's not run by the school and I am just a parent who does something for the parents who need info. So I don't know why I would have to be. No one has complained. And truly, I do it on my own time at home in the wee hours of the morning sometimes. I think it's cute, fun and informative. It's not meant to be politically correct at all times. I do have my little disclaimer on there so folks know that it is not ran by our school or the BOE.
16 years 8 months ago #137766 by Debbieomi
Replied by Debbieomi on topic RE: PTO Bulletin Boards
I will try to post one on here tomorrow. I should be able to link to photobucket and then everyone can see.
16 years 8 months ago #137759 by New2Game
Replied by New2Game on topic RE: PTO Bulletin Boards
Does anyone have a pic of a bulletin board they could email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?? I'm trying to lobby for one from principal and would like to show some great examples of what other schools have done. Thanks!
16 years 8 months ago #137752 by OneandOnly
Replied by OneandOnly on topic RE: PTO Bulletin Boards
I started one when I became President. It was one at the front of the school and the following year, we took over the second board.
>We listed all our chairperson and contact information for parents to see.
>Monthly newsletters were always posted there along with the calendar
>Flyers for all upcoming events were posted and we provided extra copies of any needed sign up forms as well in case they needed extra
>Info on past events was posted and we had pictures as well so parents could see how much fun we had. It helped to improve our attendance, we received more parent volunteers and kids signed up earlier for our events since they didn't want to miss out on the fun
>Articles from the newspaper featuring our school or students were posted for all to see
>Our PTO charters the local boy scouts & they had an area for their newsletter, annoucements and pictures as well.

Doing it for my one and only ~~ my son!
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