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9 years 6 months ago #165471 by JoDiane Hamilton
Replied by JoDiane Hamilton on topic or
I too had the same problems., being strung on with the backorder song and dance.
and then no answers to my calls at all.
I let it go a little to long because I really wanted this for my grandkids and it was my
fiirst and last purchase on line. Start placing a claim with your charge card people.
I was told by mine co. that EVENTUALLY he won't be abel to do business with the them
after enough problems.
Still looking for monkey bars or such.
10 years 10 months ago #162018 by Rose H
Hi Mike,

Hope everything ended up working out,

Rose C.
Community Manager
10 years 11 months ago #161956 by mike
Replied by mike on topic or
Yeah we ordered 4 weeks ago and still have not received it yet. I am not sure what is going on because Rodney answerd the phone twice when I called and assured me it was backordered and coming.
11 years 3 weeks ago #161487 by anonymously
Replied by anonymously on topic or
playdomes is the same company do not order either
11 years 5 months ago #160875 by felam
DO NOT BUY from They just ripped me off and when I went to file with the BBB, they had 10 other complaints filed. All the same story, take your money and never ship the product. I am about to order from and hope they don't do the same thing!
13 years 8 months ago #152117 by rkta
Has anyone bought from either of these companies? The prices seem amazing and they have good reviews. Fast shipping too. The domes aren't attached to anything from what I can see, but I figure we can do something about that.

Just want to know if anyone has bought from them.

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