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17 years 3 days ago #132766 by Wanda1213
Replied by Wanda1213 on topic RE: PLAYGROUND STENCILS
Our local fire department painted our stencils for us. We live in VA., but you should check with community service workers and see if anyone has access to them.
17 years 3 days ago #132759 by Schroeder
Replied by Schroeder on topic RE: PLAYGROUND STENCILS

I am also in MA and would love to get your contact. We had a lead on getting the Map of the US painted from a group called the Pioneers (also related to phone company), but somehow that has gone missing!

You can zap me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

17 years 3 days ago #132755 by PresidentJim
I am actually in the process of doing this exact same thing up here in Massachusetts.

Turns out that the local verizon has these. Not sure if your area would as well, but it can't hurt giving a call. Maybe it's a standard practice of Verizon. If you happen to be in this area let me know and maybe I can set you up with my contact.

17 years 6 months ago #55263 by ptolisa
Replied by ptolisa on topic RE: PLAYGROUND STENCILS
We bought the stencils from Peaceful Playgrounds.
We are in RI, call me if you still need them
401-464-8635 Lisa
17 years 10 months ago #55262 by lstan
PLAYGROUND STENCILS was created by lstan
We have an outdated playground over 50 years old, and want to fundraise. Any ideas would be appreciated. We would like to paint a map of the US, Computer Keyboard, four square, hop scotch, etc.. The stencils are expensive and I have tried calling all the local schools in my area to see if anyone has anything we can borrow. Is there anyone in the CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, ME area that has these stencils. I don't mind driving it beats paying over $800 to buy all the stencils.
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