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How does parent money donations effect books

16 years 10 months ago #135668 by Critter
I'm just now opening my 990 instruction book, so I'm not completely certain....but I think the Schedule you're referring to requires you to list contributors over a certain dollar amount, not every single one. I'll have that issue myself because our major fundraiser last year (the year I'm doing the 990 for) was a fun run with direct cash donations. I remember we only had to acknowledge single gifts over $250, so I'm thinking maybe that's the threshhold for the 990 Schedule, too.

In any event, I would NEVER turn away or make it difficult for someone to donate directly to the PTO. Many parents rather give $xx knowing that 100% of it goes to helping kids, rather than get gift wrap or candy back.
16 years 10 months ago #135635 by LooneyBin
Does anyone have a sample of the Opt Out letter they use?
17 years 1 month ago #132819 by njmom
We send out a form as part of our welcome packet at the beginning of the school year. We also mention opting-out during Back to School Night and in the first newletter that goes home. Remember to send home a receipt thanking parents for their donation along with a statement that you are a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization.
17 years 1 month ago #132798 by KATreasurer
I'd love to hear more about your opt-out program. We have had low participation in our fundraisers, and like you, I think offering different options is a great way to go.
17 years 1 month ago #132260 by njmom
I've posted on this topic previously...

We started an opt-out program in our 3-5 school three years ago with phenomenal results. We have a very ethnically diverse population and only half of our families participated in our main fundraiser (gift wrap). With opt-out being added, we've found that gift wrap sales dropped only slightly. Last year this school made over $5000 in direct donations and it seems to grow more popular every year.

This year we have our K-2 and middle school also instituting this fundraising option. One thing I do is to include a note with the receipt that lets parents know that they will still receive fundraising materials with their child but can ignore them if they chose to opt-out.

As far as a suggested donation, we divide our projected income by the number of students. It generally falls areound $40-$50 per student. Many parents send in this amount. Some send in less and some more. Remind them that it is a tax-deductible donation - that may help. We also send out a reminder before winter break in case any parents want to send in a donation before year-end.

This is only ONE fundraising choice we offer. We still do gift wrap, pie & cookie dough, etc. I think that a mix still works best - some traditional fundraisers along with direct donations

We provide every donor with a receipt stating that we are a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation and thanking them for their donation.
17 years 1 month ago #132139 by confused!
Replied by confused! on topic RE: How does parent money donations effect books
Ok now I am confused! This is my first year as Pres of our PTO and the current treasurer has been in office for 4 years. The previous Pres was in office for 3 years. (Her and the treasurer were very secretive about everything and made all the important decisions between the 2 of them.) Anyway-if I remember correctly- I was told by the treasurer that we are not a seperate 501 (c) and that we go through the school. My question is- If this is the case are we supposed to be going through the school's accountant? I have never heard of us doing taxes...? Also- due to very old by laws (1993) we are looking into changing them to better fit our PTO and to assure what happened between the last Pres and treasurer doesn't happen again. How does this work with the by-laws? Do we have to submit them to someone?

Please help me understand the money side of the PTO...all I have ever worried about is the fundraising/volunteering/events part of it!

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