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Code of Conduct in By-Laws

15 years 11 months ago #131667 by OREPTOMOM
This is the code of conduct we use. Our By-laws are seperate. At the beginning of each school year I go over the code of conduct and the By-law.
Your By-law need to reflect the business side of the PTO. Officer duties, election, your accounting procedures etc. Your code of conduct is behavioral principles. I agree with CrewChief, You could make a mention of the code of conduct in your By-law. This way other members will know that they need to be followed. I hope this helps! good luck!

Volunteer Code of Conduct
The Volunteer Code of Conduct is a statement of behavioral principles, expectations and ideals. It reflects how we respect and treat each other as members of (your PTO name) and provides an ethos that guides our decision making. The Code is intended to motivate and assert values to which we can aspire. It is a vision which aims to both explain the commitment of experienced members and to guide the induction of new Volunteers.

• respect the cultures, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others although we may not always agree
• treat each other with courtesy, sensitivity, tact, consideration and humility
• accept the Executive Board and respect each other regardless of position
• respect and honor the By-laws of the (your pto name here)

• give honest, constructive feedback and value the input of others
• treat each other fairly

Self Discipline
• exercise self control in managing stress, anger and our behavior
• know when to walk away
• recognize our limitations and those of others
• believe in doing a job the right way and with appropriate enthusiasm

Comradeship and Teamwork
• rely on each other
• have a bond that has grown through shared experiences over time
• work together towards an identified and common goal
• recognize and acknowledge each others skills and abilities
• create an environment that is supportive and encouraging to all members
• acknowledge that our combined efforts exceed the sum of our individual efforts
• Accept that there are differing roles within the organization.
• promote participation and cooperation

Leadership and Discipline
• recognize the Executive Board as part of our leadership structure
• encourage non-confrontational leadership
• give clear directions
• lead in a responsible, patient and motivational manner
• share leadership through delegation and empowerment
• defuse conflict by focusing on the issues
• act in a responsible manner at all times when you are representing (your pto name)

• value effective two-way communication
• respect constructive comment and feedback
• practice effective listening
• share the load and provide encouragement to fellow members
• seek advice whenever appropriate

Equity and Diversity
• treat all people as unique individuals and value their beliefs, opinions, knowledge and experiences
• use appropriate language that will not offend others
• actively discourage bullying, victimization or demeaning humor
• encourage people to achieve and grow
• recognize and congratulate the achievements of others
• value others irrespective of race, religion, color, age, gender or creed
15 years 11 months ago #131682 by mms pto il
Replied by mms pto il on topic RE: Code of Conduct in By-Laws
thanks so much for all your input!
15 years 11 months ago #131684 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Code of Conduct in By-Laws
I'd agree with the others that the Code of Conduct should be a stand-alone policy. The bylaws should reference the Code of Conduct and state all members must follow it, but I wouldn't embed that much detail in the bylaws themselves.
15 years 5 months ago #138115 by MrPresident

CrewChief;131661 wrote: At the beginning of my last year as president I drafted a Rules and Regulations document.

I agree that it's important to outline the expectations you have of people representing your team.

I believe it should be separate from the bylaws as the two documents serve entirely different purposes.

Perhaps within the definitions of officers and members in your bylaws you can reference the Code of Conduct so that members are aware that the document exists.

Bump, do you happen to have a copy of the Rules and Regulations document handy? I need one ASAP
15 years 4 months ago #139361 by involvedMom
CrewChief, could I get a copy of your rules and regulations also ?
15 years 4 months ago #139363 by mms pto il
Replied by mms pto il on topic RE: Code of Conduct in By-Laws
our school has a volunteer code of conduct, they actually inserted the words:

Do not GOSSIP or share ANY infos about you learn about others' children during your voluntter work.

bascilly, a confidenetiality clause which is impossible to enforce, of course.

All your things are common sense, but then, common sense is anything but common these days ,whcih is why we need written codes of conduct in the first place
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