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Holding raffle for sick parent?

15 years 8 months ago #144969 by KelCo35
Hi~ My question is what, if anything, should the PTO do for a sick parent of the school? We, unfortunately, have a couple of parents of students who have cancer. One is very ill, not going to make it. The other looks good, but a long way to go. Something was said about holding a raffle to raise money to help a family with illness. But, the question was also asked- where does it stop? What about disabled children who attend the school? What if a parent dies? What do you do, give money to the family? Is it a good idea to hold a raffle? What happens if we hold a raffle for this one, and someone who has been ill last year, or gets sick this year, is offended nothing was done to help them? Where does it end? Should the school and PTO stay away from this altogether? Can someone help with these questions? I'm the VP and we have assembled a small group to find out what we can to deal with these questions. Thank you so much for any advise or help!
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