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Help! PTO funds for party-Principal have any legal imput?

14 years 10 months ago #148908 by parent73
I would agree that combining the two graduation parties into one is a fantastic idea. It allows everyone being promoted to feel honored. It also extablishes things for next year as it will then turn into a 5th Grade event.

As for working with or against your principal, I would urge you to really open up your communication between the Principal and the parent group. This event could be the catalyst for future events, activities and how well you receive his/her assistance. This is by far the most important relationship your group will have -- other than with the parents. If you start trying to compromise that relationship for the sake of making sure the 5th Graders don't get "ripped off", then you've already lost the battle. In fact, who's to say that the new school doesn't offer something to the new 6th graders that the past ones never received? I would have to agree with the statement above about how the students should perceive this parental issue. They will vibe off our "issues" and take them as their own.

Just be sure that everything is done above board as this could really change how anything is done in the future. And that COULD be the thing that actually rips off the kids in the down the road.
14 years 10 months ago #148895 by gjcoram

KelCo35;148735 wrote: They missed out on 2 great field trips our 6th graders got, due to the fact next year they will be the first 6th grade class at the new middle school.

Who says they can't have that field trip next year at the new school? Might be a motivating idea for getting the new PTO up and running next year, so they can go -- assuming it still fits with the curriculum, which doesn't automatically change when they go to a new building.

Another question: next year, when the 5th graders graduate from the old school, will they have a graduation party? If the 6th grade graduation is a tradition (the 5th grade graduation party is a tradition at our K-5), then I think the 5th graders should be invited to the 6th grade party this year.
14 years 10 months ago #148755 by Rockne
Good input, all.

I'd add that there's a big difference between "Can he stop us?" and "should we still do it?"

For the most part you can do a lot of things. But whether that's the best way to achieve your long-term goals (when cooperation with a principal is often essential) is another question.

Have folks set up a meeting to talk this through in detail? Have you presented your case to the principal in an organized fashion? Etc. Sometimes that step is skipped when emotions get high.


PTO Today Founder
14 years 10 months ago #148752 by andee
Why can't you combine funds and parties? It's a graduating party and if they are all graduating have it all together. Who told you that you only get a couple hundred compared to the 6th graders? If it's a PTO event then the principal shouldn't have any say about funds.

I have to agree with the previous poster and say that rather than thinking the 5th graders were "ripped off" it should be a send off without the bitterness.
14 years 10 months ago #148746 by dlf
There isn't too much "legal" here however I'm surprised you want to make such a huge deal out of this. If you'd like to have a "graduation party" for your child and his/her friends I'd say go ahead. If the entire school body wants to have one, go ahead. If the PTO wants to contribute to your private party (even if you call it the "Wildcats Graduation Gala") that is their ask for funding as see what happens. Once the PTO, which I assume here is a private organization that doesn't need the prinicipal's approval for its distribution of money, votes as a group to approve the donation to your event you may spend it however they have designated you can spend it. That is all wrapped up in how you approach your board/group for the donation.

What I think you cannot do is call this an official school event without the schools backing, nor can you expect to distro the invitations through the backpack, nor can you expect the principal to feel good about it.

As an aside and on a personal note, I'm always a bit dismayed when we teach our children at such an early age to feel "ripped off" because they didn't get something. Why not make that feel like they're having a fabulous send off from a school that treated them and taught them with respect these past five years and close the year with dignity. Turning it into a fussing event where there is nothing good that can come from your departure is really not a lesson most folks want to give their children as they depart their school.

Of course the last editorial is my personal opinion.
14 years 11 months ago #148735 by KelCo35
I don't know if this is in the right spot- bear with me please! :D
Several 5th grade parents are planning a 5th grade graduation. This year is unique, our 5th graders are going to middle school for 6th grade next year for the first time (it's a new middle school just built), there will only be K-5 from next year on at the elementary school. So we have the last 6th grade class having a graduation party- the last year there will be a 6th grade at the elementary school. They get the school in the evening, inviting all parents, teachers will be there, principal, it's a big deal. Basically we have been told we get a couple hundred for this 5th grade party of PTO $- and to keep it simple. We feel our 5th graders are getting ripped off. They do not get the same as the 6th graders get, yet they are leaving the school also. They missed out on 2 great field trips our 6th graders got, due to the fact next year they will be the first 6th grade class at the new middle school. Ok- with that- can we use $200 or so we receive from the PTO to have a party away from the school? Can we use that money any way we decide? If we want a party for them at a rented hall on a Friday nite instead of in the gym during school hours, can we do that? Can the principal tell us how we use the money? What is "legal" when using money from the PTO? The principal already told us we are to have it at school during the day. Can he stop us from having it at night somewhere else? If you've made it this far- THANK you!
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