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PTO won't give me copy of Bylaws

9 years 2 months ago #166854 by gjcoram
Could be they don't know where the by-laws are, and are somewhat afraid to dig them up and find that they're not complying with the by-laws. Eg, our by-laws specify term limits (no more than 3 years in the same position). And if you're just asking so you can make trouble (from their perspective), they're not likely to spend any time trying to find them.
9 years 3 months ago #166483 by Samantha
PTO won't give me copy of Bylaws was created by Samantha
Hello everyone!

When I joined the PTO at my daughters elementary school this year I was not informed that we had bylaws. No one mentioned this to me and no one even told me how I was voted in or by how many votes. Heck, they never even informed anyone of when the election meeting date was...not even me and I was applying for one of the positions! Unfortunately the red flag in my head didn't go up then!

Our PTO is NOT very popular. Lets just say if they get more than 2 people to come to the meetings then that is extremely shocking! The women who are on the board now are dominating and they are extremely intimidating. One of the ladies has been on the PTO for 8+ years and its basically considered to be her PTO. They never fully let me in on any decisions that were made regarding anything and none of us really clicked when trying to work with each other. This was my first time on a PTO and it just was horrible. They treated me like dirt and they didn't associate with me until they needed something. I felt like such an outsider and it was just a horrible situation all around.

I have requested a copy of the bylaws from the PTO president numerous times but I have not received a copy from her or anyone else. How can they elect me and not give me a copy of their bylaws or mention that they have a set in place? Is that common for PTO's to not tell their officers that there are bylaws? I am so confused over this. I know that they have them, but I dont know why they won't comply and give me what I asked for. Is there anywhere publicly that this document is so I can get a copy of them? I have been screwed over by this PTO so often this year so I am not surprised they won't give me a copy of them. Just was wondering if there was anything I could do outside of the school to get a copy that is all. Something shady is going on somewhere.

I know that all schools and PTOs are different but any info on this would be appreciated!
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