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Blindside vote?

9 years 1 month ago #166856 by gjcoram
Replied by gjcoram on topic Blindside vote?
I assume the check was for the full amount, and that the president provided a copy to prove he gave that tip. I think it's reasonable to tip a DJ, just as it is a pizza-delivery person, and I wouldn't think this would need special approval.
9 years 2 months ago #166578 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Blindside vote?
Hi rjmat,
It's not uncommon for groups to tip DJs and it is common for groups to allow for discretionary spending of small amounts. Having said that, totally get what you are saying about you and the secretary not being present when the tip was paid. I think that your president was saying 3 board members were there and approved it, suggesting a majority. Even so, it's not cool to do things without the whole board being aware. If nothing else, it would be a courtesy to keep all board members informed and up to date. Consider addressing this at your next board meeting.

Rose C.
9 years 2 months ago #166577 by rjmat
Blindside vote? was created by rjmat
I am currently the Treasurer of the middle school PTO. We recently held a Holiday/Winter Dance and the DJ was given a tip along with the contract amount. The President (who issued his own personal check) paid the DJ and has told me that he received the "ok" from 2 other members (Principal and Vice President) who happened to be there that evening to pay the tip. The other members (myself and the secretary) was not aware of it till after the fact.

I don't think that this is right. Is there Roberts Rules or something that the President should have sought out to the full executive board for a motion then vote?

Thoughts and is there documentation?
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