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Districts control

5 years 3 months ago #172980 by Liz L
Replied by Liz L on topic Districts control
Hi JRPres2019,
It's true that some districts do have a no-employee rule for their PTOs.  In this case, it also seems that the district is applying district rules to an independent organization without considering the nuances of the work that PTOs do.  A meeting with the superintendent could help you understand the thought process behind their requests—and if there are other PTOs in the town, perhaps the leaders could have a joint meeting with the superintendent to discuss the issues so that you're all on the same page.
Good luck!
Liz from PTO Today
5 years 4 months ago #172976 by JRPres2019
Replied by JRPres2019 on topic Districts control
We are going through the same thing this year but worse. The districts rule is no employees of the district can serve as a PTO board member, which even though it effected my job, our bigger issue is them trying to force us into reporting all of our income quarterly to the district and following all of the districts by-laws even down to pre approving any and all fundraising period. And if we do not comply they have it written that they can disband our PTO. We have our own 503-c our own checking account and we have never taken a dime from the district for anything not even equipment. I do not see how if we are our own entity they can legally force us to do anything. I want to work with our district but I also will stand up for our PTO. BTW I choose to stand my ground and I quit my job this year when they made the rule of no employees are allowed to serve. I refused to leave the school and my other volunteers high and dry. 
6 years 8 months ago #172054 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Districts control
It sounds like what you are saying is that from the district level, you received word that certain individuals must be on the board or they would pull support?

We would say that is not illegal, but it is not an appropriate thing to do, either.

Technically, they can pull support and make your life very difficult. So, you do want to try to work with them and come to some sort of compromise. There must be some reasons that they suggested certain individuals?

Also, did they actually put this in writing?

6 years 8 months ago #172043 by Bmp1973
Districts control was created by Bmp1973
Hello, we are looking for some guidance please. We are a newly formed PTO. Currently we have our own EIN, insurance and our 501c3 has been submittted. Our school board and administration has told us who can and cannot run for a position on our PTO board and what position someone may or may not run for. Is this legal? It is very frustrating since they went as far as to send us a letter stating they would pull their support and not allow us to fundraise in the school buildings if we didn't comply. We our set up as a PTO that also allows community members to be active in our PTO to help bridge the gap and build stronger relationships between the district and the community. Currently everyother mtg is held at the local Community Center since our Mayor has graciously waived all cost to this building in support of the PTO. The PTOs start up funds have all come from the community or parents nothing has been contributed from the school district. Thank you for any advice.
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