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PTO leader states that bylaws is not really LAW...

5 years 3 months ago #172877 by CherylB
If your group is a PTO you are an independent group that is governed by your bylaws.  If you feel the bylaws are outdated you can suggest getting a committee together of like minded people and review and maybe re-write the bylaws.   Here are some links that may help you and your group.  Best of luck, Cheryl PTO Today
5 years 4 months ago #172859 by Visitor
Our PTO leader was confronted by parents regarding expired bylaws and the leader's qualification to run re-election. This leading person just told parents that "bylaws is not LAW, our previous presidents all served more than two turns (four years) without any complain. They (the board) even refuse to let other parents learn about their rights to vote for budgets.

Any suggestion?
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