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Audit question.

6 months 4 weeks ago #173013 by OneAndDoneMama
In our ByLaws it specifically states our books are to be audited every single year. I recently found out they have not been audited in well over 10. Crazy I know.

At a recent meeting I called for an audit since as a Member I have the right to do so and it does not have to come to a vote. Long story short, I received loud heat from the Board and from other Members concerning this isue.

Points that were made against me then and later in private were:
-The Treasure's Report that is shared at the beginning of each meeting is an Audit
-"X" amount of years ago the books were reviewed by an accountant so that counts
-The accountant looks at them every year when we file with the IRS

I did not fire back and simply allowed them to raise their voices at me.

From my independant research, I do not belive these actions from the accountant or the Treasurer are the same as an audit. I still want an audit done and I want it to go back at least 5 years (splitting the difference).

I'm not on a witch hunt, nor do I belive anyone is stealing, however the ByLaws which are a legal binding document, state an audit is to be done annually, then it is to be done. Period.

To quote Reddit, AITA?
6 months 2 weeks ago #173021 by Liz L
Replied by Liz L on topic Audit question.
Hi One and Done Mama,
I admit I had to look up your final reference :), and no, you are correct that if it's in the bylaws, it's what should have been happening. That said, after so long and under the circumstances, you *could* amend the bylaws. If a formal audit isn't want people want to do, you could relax the bylaws a bit to state that there should be a review of the books by someone other than the treasurer or board member annually. Frequently groups do have a non-professional who has some financial expertise (perhaps there's an accountant?) take a look a their books once or twice a year. Offering this solution may be a good compromise.
Best of luck. Liz @ PTO Today
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