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Minutes question

24 years 4 months ago #55371 by Michele
Replied by Michele on topic RE: Minutes question

Thanks. That's exactly what I thought. I think I was feeling unsure because I've been labeled as "the one who writes everything down" and "the one with the notebook". I appreciate your advice. Thanks again.

24 years 4 months ago #55370 by Kate
Replied by Kate on topic RE: Minutes question
I think your minutes should be detailed too.
Because something that might not seem that important may come up in six months from now. You can look back and see in black and white what decisions were made. Or planning next year you can see what generated the most. Or if you had a family night, which had better attendance.
24 years 4 months ago #55369 by Michele
Replied by Michele on topic RE: Minutes question
Thanks Val and Marilyn. I feel more confident with the way I am doing things now.

24 years 4 months ago #55368 by marilyn
Replied by marilyn on topic RE: Minutes question
We make a distinction between minutes and notes. Minutes are official -- things like voting yes on a budget item or approving a new membership rule.

We also keep and report notes on discussions and issues. If we're talking about a testing or something that's in our notes.

Both our minutes and our notes get shared in the newsleter, but the minutes are much more official-type things.
24 years 4 months ago #55367 by Val
Replied by Val on topic RE: Minutes question
We have a secretary who is very detail oriented too. (I think it's great!)
She writes down pretty much everything.The more important stuff she writes more details about it (like MCAS, a funtion that is coming up , etc...) The other stuff she does write about , but she makes it brief. Our minutes go into our newsletter every month so that the parents/guardians that were not able to attend our meetings get the chance to see what we talked about and maybe add their input.
I think people want to know everything that was discussed. So the more, the better.

24 years 4 months ago #55366 by Michele
Minutes question was created by Michele
Hello all,

I am hoping that someone can tell me how I determine which information is documented in the official minutes of our meetings. I am a very detail-oriented person so I am concerned that I am including more information than necessary. Thank you for any advice you can give me.

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