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Getting Dad's Involved in PTO Meetings

24 years 1 week ago #55398 by LoriS
Replied by LoriS on topic RE: Getting Dad's Involved in PTO Meetings
Maybe it's sexist, but we've had pretty good luck by proposing a couple of things that are up guys' alleys and the dads have really turned out for them. Best example is our annual technology night. We ask for experts who will be able to help introduce computing to families and the tech dads love to do it.
I don't think it's realistic to expect guys to come to a bunch of meetings. It's not the way guys operate (least that's what my husband says), but they can be involved in guy ways if we think about what can bring them in.

24 years 3 weeks ago #55397 by Peter
Replied by Peter on topic RE: Getting Dad's Involved in PTO Meetings
Hi Gee,
As a dad who is on two PTO Boards as well as a City Wide Parents Council I wish I could tell you I have a magic answer. I don't.

The idea of trying to increase attendance for all seems to work and I just hope that means more dads. At the two schools, we have quite a few that attend regularly. We do all the normal stuff like reminder notices and door prizes and refreshments. I think the two things that have worked best are our newsletter and our guest speakers.

We include a lengthy recap of the latest meeting and what decisions were made, in our newsletter. I always point out that the decisions are made and voted on by the attendees and that everyone who attends has a voice and makes a REAL difference. We also try to get our Local City Councillor to speak at least twice a year, as well as the Superintendant of Schools at least once. I am going to start inviting members of the School Committee as well. Those kinds of speakers always attract a good crowd.

Finally, we have worked hard to streamline the meetings so that they do not go on for more than an hour or so. We meet once a month, so there is usually no reason to have to go longer than that. Hope it helps.
24 years 1 month ago #55396 by Kate
Golf and computers!
24 years 1 month ago #55395 by momofalltrades
Replied by momofalltrades on topic RE: Getting Dad's Involved in PTO Meetings
Gee, I would like to know that very same thing. This year we have one dad that has been to the meetings and I think it is great. Not sure how to get more dads involved.I will be waiting for responses to your question so that I can also find out!!!
24 years 1 month ago #55394 by Gee
I have been PTO President for the past 1 1/2 years and I have been able to increase attendance at our PTO meetings by using topics that I/We thought would bring additional parents, both mothers and fathers to our meetings. It has worked with mothers -- but we have very few (in fact none) Dad's attend our meetings. Anyone have any ideas as to how we get more Dad's involved?
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