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How do I run my "election" campaign?

24 years 3 days ago #55401 by Lili
Replied by Lili on topic RE: How do I run my "election" campaign?
cdaise - thank you for your input. I decided not to call people I don't know personally. I've been shaking many hands, though!

Our by-laws don't cover the issue of co-presidents or co-anything. I think it would discourage people from volunteering to be on the board if they had to do it alone. If I could have found someone to share the responsibilities with me, I would have.

24 years 3 days ago #55400 by cdaise
Replied by cdaise on topic RE: How do I run my "election" campaign?

If your group is a PTA, then co-presidents are not officially allowed according to PTA rules. You might look at your by-laws to see if it's in there or call PTA state office to see if they want to get involved. As far as campaigning, I would call my friends at home but I don't think I would call starngers with campaign calls. Bad enough getting all the salesmen calls. Good luck.
24 years 1 week ago #55399 by Lili
I am running for President of our PTA against a pair who are running as "co-Presidents". Our PTA hasn't had an actual election for a board member position in anyone's recent memory. I'm not the most outgoing person, and find it difficult to approach groups of people to do the "Hi, my name is Lili, vote for me" routine. Also, since so few parents actually attend the meetings, most aren't even aware that an election is being held, who is running, etc.
There are no rules in the by-laws that concern this issue.
In addition to cruising the school yard during pick-up/drop-off times, do you think I should call parents at home?
I would appreciate any advice.
The winner will be whoever knows the most people to show up at the next meeting for elections.... Thank you!
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