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How do you write a Treas. Report?

23 years 11 months ago #55417 by Karene
Replied by Karene on topic RE: How do you write a Treas. Report?
Dear Karene,

A simple, but effective treasurer's report is to do it this way.


Balance April 1, 2000 $1,115.00

Receipts (Income) 500.00

(Here you can itemize where it came from if you like: Dues $300.00
Fundraiser 200.00

Expenditures: -100.00

(if you want you can itemize:
Postage $32.00
Printing 20.00
Books 48.00

Balance April 30, 2000 $1,515.00


A book called WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD, ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER SIMPLIFIED AND APPLIED has several pages devoted to the office of treasurer and the treasurer's report. Here's a helpful WEB Site that will answer these kind of questions:
23 years 11 months ago #55416 by Karene
How do you write a Treas. Report? was created by Karene
I am a new Treasurer and would like to "publish" the monthly activities during our meetings. (the former Treas. only gave the current balance) Does anyone have ideas and/or samples of how to set up this report? I hope to keep it to one page, but want to give enough information.
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