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Meeting Mayhem

23 years 10 months ago #55427 by clarkslucky13
Replied by clarkslucky13 on topic RE: Meeting Mayhem
Boy do I know about THOSE LONG meetings when one parent does nothing but.....grip! Sticking to an agenda works well but also a sign in sheet works get. On our sheet, if you have a topic for Open Forum (after all our busniess is discussed) you are asked to sign in and let the Pres. know so that you can be recognized. Our by-laws give people only three minutes to speak (we are able to tease one parent about this since he couldn't have a three minute thought!) but depending on time sometimes it works. What really works with the sign in sheet, our Pres. can let our Principal know the question or let that parent know 'this is really something you need to ask this person' and no one has been offened. As far as the yellers, use that gavel or I've used my water bottle! I've HAD to get a back bone and remind these parents this is not the time nor the place and/or I would like to go home! YES I HAVE!!
Anyway, hang in there, and remember some of these people are just going to be that way!
Good Luck!
23 years 10 months ago #55426 by MomA
Replied by MomA on topic RE: Meeting Mayhem
chrystal - do you have any help. I'd say you'll have a better time making change if you can get a couple of key people to agree with you and be on your side as you try to do it. Are there other people who have griped about the problems? They might be good people to get on your side. Andrea.
23 years 11 months ago #55425 by MomA
Replied by MomA on topic RE: Meeting Mayhem
Had something similar to this when i became president two years ago. even though it's hard at first, one of the best things I did was enforce some rules at meetings. This meant having an agenda and sticking to it and moving the meeting along when folks got way off topic. There were some difficult nights but most people agree that our meetings are better now and we get more done in less time. Difficult part is that i had to spend more time getting ready for meetings to make this work. Luckily my board supported me and helped. You can do it. Cathy
23 years 11 months ago #55424 by momofalltrades
Replied by momofalltrades on topic RE: Meeting Mayhem
I think you just need to keep making the point that everyone is there for the same reasons. A PTO or PTA is a TEAM working together for the same cause! It is important that everyone knows that just because you dont agree on something doesnt mean the other person is wrong.. If you read the Roberts Rules of Order it has some helpful tips on meetings and making them more focused! The most important thing you can do is to stay out of the petty tiffs that may go on and if someone tries to get you involved just step back and remind them what everyone is there for. GOOD LUCK!!
23 years 11 months ago #55423 by Chrystal70
Meeting Mayhem was created by Chrystal70
It looks as if I am going to bbe the NEW Pto President for next year, Our current PTO is falling apart, no one knows how to conduct a "proper" meeting without everyone losing focus on why we are there for our kids. Our group looks forward to these meetings like a sparring match. Our current board of officers have offended so many people that even the Teachers won't come to meetings, luckily I have the whole-hearted support of the staff, but I want to make a complete change for the future and welcome all people, my problem is I really need some suggestions in how to control the meetings with out totally offending anyone>>>Our PTO has a great support with fundraisers>>>we usually make at least $30,000 a year, and I want to come up with fresh ideas because everyone is getting tired of the same old stuff>>>Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated>
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