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New Co-President for 2000-2001

23 years 10 months ago #55429 by blonde1
Replied by blonde1 on topic RE: New Co-President for 2000-2001
Our PTO sends out a "welcome letter" and a check list with all the children's district papers that they receive the first day of school. The checklist has all areas in which a parent can help the PTO (can you donate refreshments? can you help with soup labels?, etc. It also lists all our various committees, along with a description of what that committee does. The parents can check off any area that interests them. We then take all the checklists and compile them into various volunteer lists (a list of all people who can dontate refreshments, help take tickets at a skating party, etc.) The secreary then keeps all the lists and when we have an event that we need a specific type of volunteer (refreshments, etc.) we just pull out that list and call the parents. The parents seem glad to get the call to help and this way we don't have the same people always doing everything. This year I plan to call each parent personally who fills out the checklist to: 1. thank them for their interest; 2. tell them more about PTO and answer any questions they might have and 3. invite them to our meetings. We've used the checklist in the past and it seems to work well. We've added some new committees so we hope to get even more volunteers this time. Also, during our "Back to School Night" (held approximately 1 month into the new school year) PTO representatives will be on hand in the classrooms to tell the parents about PTO and we also always have sign up sheets so any parent who did not turn in a check list may sign up to help, in some way, with PTO. Good Luck!!!
23 years 10 months ago #55428 by LMRamos99
New Co-President for 2000-2001 was created by LMRamos99
Hello. I am new to PTO this year. I have been volunteering alot and have learned so much. At our last meeting I was nominated and voted co-president of the PTO. So far we are 2 and looking for another. We have a Treasurer who has been in the school for a few years now. We are still in need of a Recording and Corresponding Secretary. I need to write a flyer with these jobs. Any idea how it can be worded.. I don't want to write.. "we need volunteers or we need help" I want it to be something like.. an ad.. to spark so interest.. Any ideas?
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