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How do other meetings run?

23 years 8 months ago #55439 by Aabkptc
Replied by Aabkptc on topic RE: How do other meetings run?
Thank you for your response. I have been looking over this page for about a week now so please understand that I am new to this page. Maybe you could direct me to where I can find meeting theme ideas. How the times run at each meeting. I can't seem to find these so far.
23 years 9 months ago #55438 by ColoradoPTOmom
Replied by ColoradoPTOmom on topic RE: How do other meetings run?
Take some time and read every strand on this forum - you'll find your answer!
23 years 9 months ago #55437 by Aabkptc
How do other meetings run? was created by Aabkptc
I am a new President for our PTC this year and our PTC is in need of some meeting changes. Our meetings used to only consist of business but I would like to see some speakers come in but am not sure where to start witht that! If anyone has good ideas please share them with me. I would greatly appreciate it!
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