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whos who

23 years 7 months ago #55457 by rosemom
Replied by rosemom on topic RE: whos who
What is included as executive membership? When I was president and in past years if you ran a committee a chairperson you were executive committee, how far out does exec. go? Can each board decide on there own exec. committee
23 years 7 months ago #55456 by momofalltrades
Replied by momofalltrades on topic RE: whos who
An executive member is someone on the board. i.e. V.P., President, Treasurer and so one. Am member is somewho pays the membership fee and is welcome to join in on the meetings and so forth. A member has voting the same as a board member. the can be just an excutive meeting from time to time. The old minutes most likely will be approved at the first PTO meeting this year.
23 years 7 months ago #55455 by rosemom
whos who was created by rosemom
The new board just took over, but i am still confused on a couple of things. #1 what is the difference between executive member and a PTO member? Who has the voting power? #2 Canaposition be voted in as a executive member? #3 we have minutes from the May 2000 meeting that have not been approved yet, does the old or new board approve them, they seem to think they don't exsist because the weren't voted on. Thanks for you help.
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